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If you have ever dreamed about fishing in Ontario then the thought of catching a walleye would undoubtedly, be the highlight of your trip up here. Walleye are the essence of fishing in Ontario with their beautiful colour and their delicious taste it’s hard to imagine anything better. Sunset Country located in Northwestern Ontario is the place to go if this is the species you’re after. Consider the following facts:

Regardless of what you decide to do, the common theme here is that you’ll have a lot of fun while catching more walleye than you ever thought possible! This website is designed to help you book your walleye fishing trip to Ontario’s Sunset Country. Make sure you check out the list of lodge and resort accommodations available and book your trip today!

Remember that you can get a copy of our Free Travel Guide and Map sent to your home. Use the map to see the exact location you have chosen for your Canadian fishing trip!

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