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Canadian Canoe Outfitters Offering Walleye Fishing
Canoe outfitters can set you up on a remote fishing trip to lakes only accessible by canoe or float plane. There are 100,000 lakes and rivers in Ontario’s Sunset Country, many teeming with walleye. You can choose a day trip for some easy paddling or you can plan an paddling expedition with a canoe outfitter.
Your canoeing and fishing adventure in Sunset Country can be anything from a quiet afternoon on a calm river to a guided excursion lasting several days. Equipment rentals and guides are available. For more information on prices, canoe routes and rentals, visit the canoe outfitters below that also offer walleye fishing.

For more information on canoe trips in Ontario, visit our website dedicated to Canoeing Northwestern Ontario. You can also order our Free Travel Guide and Map that shows you where you will be fishing and canoeing.